Why I didn’t Pawn My Promise Ring

A little over a year and a half ago my ex-boyfriend showed up on my door step with a promise ring which in little time he proved he had no intention of keeping any of the promises.

So the ring sat on my desk untouched since the week I received it. I didn’t want to throw it away as it still had sentimental value to me. I took it to a pawn shop but felt a weird vibe so I walked out. I am too scared to sell anything on Craigslist now a days. But we have been broken up a year and I don’t want to look at it anymore as it is the last item that reminds me that he existed.

I decided to post this status on Facebook.


My page is public and followed by thousands of people…many who are complete strangers. But something in my gut inspired me to write this status. A lot of people messaged me and left comments saying I was a good person and it made me feel uncomfortable because I was actually doing it out of selfishness, while I don’t mind giving it away, I really needed to read stories of true love again.  It has been about a year since my break up and I have yet to have met anyone I am extremely excited about. I know this is partly because I am a bit jaded not only through my own experiences but others too.

I see my friends get cheated on, I see people in the news being killed by their spouse,  I read the sadness of the people who write to me and admit they are suffering abuse in silence, I see the multiple men that boldly hit on me with wedding rings on, I know of men who have wives but are having affairs with men, I have men who are writing to me in their 30-50s asking me for advice or a listening ear of how unhappy they are in their marriage. While blessed to have this gift, it is very emotional to have people confide in you with their heaviest secrets and hidden sadness. You know everyone’s darkest secrets and while you would never dare share them, you know what they are hiding…so who knows if the next guy is hiding something from you like they are from everyone else? While I feel more than happy to give advice and listen, the negativity sometimes makes me feel emotionally heavy to the point that I no longer believe that faithful, loyal, loving, respectful, honest, and above all – healthy –  partnerships exist. Especially with men.

I had a few people say giving away this $600 ring for free was a dumb idea because someone could be lying. 3 women told me, “All men are liars” and another said “they are just going to pawn it.”

And you know what? If someone has to lie to me about a $600 ring then they must really need that money anyway. I’m exhausted walking around this world not trusting people. CNN now has me always looking over my shoulder afraid to talk to anyone or for an escape route in a mall. So this is going to be my leap of faith that good humans exist. And hopefully the ring will bring someone more joy than it did me and restore my faith in love and human race.





One thought on “Why I didn’t Pawn My Promise Ring

  1. I actually have this exact promise ring I received in 2012. I recently had a baby and haven’t been able to wear it for months. Sorry you had bad memories/experience with it. Cool thing you’re doing. Hope you found the right person to send it to! 🙂


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